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8545 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85020 
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I have only great things to say about how this place is run. We all know that auto mechanics work hard and are typically underpaid. In addition, we all know that a lot of them will either make short cuts on the work or charge us for work that really is not necessary to make up for the hard work they are needed to do. I have dealt with countless franchise auto shops through my 25 years of driving and I can honestly say I have finally found a place that I trust to do only the work needed to get me back on the road and that makes me feel that my vehicle is safe. I feel Bays really cares about the work they do and they have always explained what is needed in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand. I know enough about cars and how business is done to know that they do in fact have my best interests in mind. With that said I would encourage anyone looking for an honest and dependable auto shop without the corporate agenda more considered to go here next time you need anything done to get you or anyone else you know back on the road at a truly fair price. 
- Dan F. - Chandler - Arizona - 7-28-2017

We had our oil changed at Bays Auto and they did a great job and were very fast. Thank you Bays! You guys are awesome! If you want a good job done on your car........go to Bays!
- Susan S. - Scottsdale - Arizona 7-1-2017

I have been to Bays a few times for various maintenance and repairs.. the latest was a few weeks ago when my car would not shift out of park. they told me the price to fix and said it would be ready at 3:30 that afternoon and it was and at the price quoted to me . best price in town for auto repair work. this is the first shop i have ever recommended to friends
- Dave M. - Phoenix - Arizona 7-27-2017    -

What a remarkable business and a wonderful group of people!!! This business takes the time to greet people and fix your car with great detail and expertise, Low quality prices for high quality work. Best prices in town and overall this establishment is the best in the west i Have seen yet!!!!!!
- Kim H. - Phoenix - Arizona 7-26-2017

Great guys, great service, fixed my truck in less time than I could have done it myself! The owner was nice enough to give me a tour of the shop, and from what I noticed, they've got all the right mechanics, the right diagnostics, and the know how. The equipment they use, such as alignment benches, is new and working right - not like the garbage you might find at other shops. Thanks guys! 
-Review from Kim T.  

Bay's Auto is amazing! I didn't know what to expect since I had never been there before. I went in for an oil change and was told that the mechanic would inspect my car to make sure everything was up to par. This worried me since most shops try to rip off people by telling them they need work done when they really don't. I was pleasantly shocked at their honesty and prices! They said everything looked good except for some usual maintenance work that needed to be done--which I've been neglecting to do for thousands of miles. I also met the new owner and he is such a nice guy. I'm definitely recommending Bay's to all of my friends and family. Great prices. Friendly staff. Ethical.
- Steven W. - 3-20-2017 Scottsdale - Arizona 

Review by Greg G. 
Phoenix, AZ
I used to work with the new owner of Bays in an industry where trust and honesty are key for acquiring and retaining customers. Troy has brought those same values to Bays Auto Service. I have a 2003 Toyota and it was time to change the timing belt. Troy got me in and out in less than 24 hours. His prices are unbeatable and best of all I didnt get the typical mechanic BS upsale response "You are going to need to replace the motor, tires, shocks, frame, air filter, steering wheel, etc."

Thanks for the excellent service and honesty!!

Review by Kay H. 
Scottsdale, AZ  4/8/2017 
My coworker told me about this place and I'm so glad she did. I usually go to a Honda dealership but they are just too expensive. I not only got excellent service at Bays but they saved me money. They didn't try selling me stuff I didn't need, instead they were honest and took the time to explain and show me what work was being done. My car now runs great and I found a place that I can trust. I definitely recommend going to this shop.

Review by John B. 
Phoenix, AZ 4/1/2017 
I have to agree with the Kim T who did the other review. I deffinitely got the sense that these guys are in it for the long term and are not about getting every penny from you. Came in, had the 90k mile service special for $179. no upsells. BMW wanted $600 for the exact same work. Anyways, i highly recommend these guys.

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5 stars 
This is the only auto shop I will ever…
Provided by Posted by smderby on 07/27/2017 
This is the only auto shop I will ever take my car to again. I found the owner to be extremely helpful, but most of all honest!! As a single woman I encourage all of you to bring your car there if you are having any problems because they will tell you the truth, something that I haven't found anywhere else!! A+ for service and cost! 

5 stars 
Provided by Posted by KimberleyP on 07/27/2017 
I have been to this establishment several times, the owner of the shop is always fair and responsible. He will beat any prices in town!!!! The prices are much lower than anyone in town, On my birthday I got a free oil change!!!!!! The timely matter and friendly staff is the best in the west!!! I recommend this shop to anyone who wants fair, honest great mechanics. Such a pleasure I will coming back all the time. Thank you Bay's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

1 stars 
Provided by Posted by mooremorrow on 06/14/2017 
This place is HORRIBLE!!! Really should a simple oil change take over an HOUR! Especially when the business just opened there are 4 technicians and only one other person there?? Maybe when all of the technicians are too buys loading up a tool box in a pick up where it obviously only needs maybe one or two of them. Especially since the front office guy is out there helping. Not to mention their terrible business practice. They recommend that I needed a tranmission flush, they flashed a page at me that shows a price but points out the deal on a filter price. They dont explain the benefits, price or possible time restrtaints with this change. Then the charge me $110!! Are you kidding me??? I will never return to this place!! Don't go here. They are HORRIBLE!! Keep your money and go elsewhere. 

Business Response from Bays Auto/Troy
Hello Mooremorrow. I appoligize for your poor experience at my shop and would like to make it up to you. I care about my customer service and customer satisfaction is my priority. Contact me directly at 602-331-1311 Sincerely Troy

5 stars 
I had my rear bakes done, tranny flush…
Provided by Posted by Skowdog on 06/05/2017 
I had my rear bakes done, tranny flush, fuel injector cleaning...Car works amazing now. Bays auto mechanics are truely professionals and do a superior job. I wouldn't recommend anyone else. They are truely the best. They saved me a ton of money on my miantenance and repair costs. I'm serious, these guys are the best 
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5 stars 
What automotive SERVICE used to be and we FOUND IT at Bays
Provided by Posted by dpmerris on 04/10/2017 
Coming from a long line of mechanics in the family, I know what QUALITY customer service is SUPPOSED to be in the automotive industry. Having recently purchased a used Volvo-2004 we expected to put some money into the little things that needed to be addressed. After doing a search for an automotive shop, we discovered Bays Boys. Their ratings were high and we were NOT disappointed. They not only quickly identified little things that needed attention, but they also identified some BIG issues, that would have cost a MINT if we had taken our car to a European shop to be fixed. Bays gave us TRUE SERVICE with an excellent job, professional attitudes at a MORE than reasonable price. They worked around OUR schedule because they are open 7 days a week. In this economy this shop is just a jewel! I will definitely be recommending them to everyone! 

5 stars 
Finally...a garage I can trust
Provided by Posted by HK1972 on 03/22/2017 
I went in for a 60,000 mile tune-up and received great service and saved a lot of money. I shopped around and not only were they less expensive but they were open on Sunday. I saved money and didn't have to take time off from work to have it done. I definitely felt as if they valued my business, did great work, and were honest. I also now get better gas mileage! I'll be back in to get tires there next month and will recommend them to all of my friends. 

5 stars 
Best Service I've Ever Experienced
Provided by Posted by titanic4 on 10/08/2010 
Instead of going to a brand name auto shop, I decided I would try one individualy owned. My luck turned out perfect. I walked into Bays Auto Service, and the employees behind the counter greeted me with smiles. As a woman, I worry about not getting a good deal when I fix my car, but Bays and his team gave me a great deal compared to any other shop in town. My AC was broken so they offered me a free checkup. They explained every little detail to me specifically, so I knew exactly what they would fix and how they would fix it. The whole thing cost me less than half of what I would have paid at any Goodyear, Firestone, or any other big time company. Thanks so much Bays Auto, I'll be coming back very soon! 

5 stars 
Best Auto Repair shop
Provided by Posted by honesty85354 on 10/08/2010 
My car has been giving me lots of problems lately. I took it to several Auto repair places in Phonenix and they were asking from $900-$1500. Then I found Bays Auto Repair and they checked it for me. I waited only about 15 minutes when they came back with a report on what was wrong. They found a loose wire that needed to be changed. I expected to be hit with an estimate of about $2,000.00. But they said all that was wrong was a loose wire and will cost only $70. I didnt have to think twice before I said go ahead and change it. Iam so happy to find a honest repair shop that wouldnt rip off a women that had no clue to auto repair. Iam a customer of theirs now because I know that they are honest. I would recommend this shop to everyone to see for themselfs. Very clean and calm. When they finished my car it was clean with no grease on it. I give them 5 stars. 

5 stars 
great service
Provided by Posted by shaunslattendal… on 06/11/2010 
I took my vehical in to have the a/c inspected and fixed. I was told by firestone that my entire a/c sytem needed to be fixed for around 2700 dollars and decided to have a second look. Bayz told me there was no leaks and all it needed was a service port put back in and recharged. Needless to say it didn't even cost me a quarter of the 2700 dollars firestone wanted. Bays completed the job and gave me a warrenty gaurantee on it and it works great now. Thanks a ton guys 

5 stars 
A honest auto shop is hard to find these days
Provided by Posted by 20Brandy10 on 04/30/2010 
I have been a customer at Bays Auto Service for almost 2 years now. I first stopped in for there $12.95 oil change special one day i was driving by. I was greeted with a smile and serviced with speed and accuracy. Upon the oil change i was givin an inspection on my vehicle. I was unsure at first that i needed the services that they informed me about. I had never been informed of these services before but the manager Michael took me out and showed me the problems on my car. Since that day i have trusted them and only them to service my vehicles. I go in there and never feel pressured into doing anything additional but i'm always informed on my vehicles conditions. On thursday April 29th 2010 i was interested in getting a new vehicle so i went into Bays Auto to get my current vehicle inspected. Upon the inspection I have decided to keep my vehicle after Mike and Nick informed me that by keeping up with the services, my vehicle was still in great condition. I have been upset by many other automotive shops in the past but Bays always makes it a plesant visit. If i ever need anything car wise these are the guys i go to and trust. I am a very talkative and want alot of information and these guys never get upset and always listen and inform me I recommend this auto shop to all my family and friends. 

From Troy and Mike - At Bays, our priority truly is the customer. We believe in building a reputation that is centered on providing customers with honest assessments, 
fair prices, and a commitment to stand behind our work.   

The following are reviews from Yellow Pages, Yelp and Google. You will notice that we included the 2 negative reviews as well as the 18 positive. I attempted to contact both negative reviewers with no success.  If you ever have a poor experience at Bays Auto, please contact me directly at so I can understand the problem and make it right. I believe what sets us apart from the competition is our dedication to the customer, quality work, being accountable, and enjoying what we are doing. 

Google Reviews

John ‎ - Apr 2, 2017 
I got their Valpak coupon. It had 6 specials that were great deals and just happened to be exactly what I needed. I did the $10 synthetic oil change, (came out over $14 after tax and disposal fee, no big deal), did the $30 front alignment coupon and the $80 transmission flush coupon. In and out in an hour + and I got to watch them do the work through the windows. no fuss, no muss, no upsell. I'll be back. I don't get impressed often and when I do I want to make sure they stay around. 

nismoPHX ‎ - Feb 16, 2017 
Bays Auto receives good reviews for a reason. I called them this morning to get some tires mounted and balanced. They got the job done quick(just in time for lunch) and charged me a very fair price. All of the guys working there were very friendly and know what customer service is supposed to be like. I can't say enough good things about my experience with Bays Auto. 

Trey ‎ - Jan 29, 2010 
Five Star Service and Performance I never enjoyed to take my car to automotive shops and watch others work on MY vehicle. When i dont have the tools, time, patience or auto intelligence i turn to these guys. When i go into a corporate owned business i never get the quality attention, neighborhood friendly service or competitive prices. Alex and Michael always follow through at the top of their game. Ive been a customer for 2 years now. From a simple service to a intense diagnosis which other shops cant touch; their team jumps right on it and gets me on my way. I feel welcome when i step in the door, and they always have me leaving with a smile. The optimism and energy they give off always rubs off on me. Thats why i love going to them. This is the first shop that gives me a reason NOT to open up my tool box because i know my vehicle and I will be taken care of. I recommend anyone to stop by and youll see first hand what i mean. My experiences will become your experiences. Two Thumbs up! 

JP ‎ - Jan 28, 2010 
exceed my expectations every time I am as cynical and suspicious as they come. They send coupons to my house weekly. With that said, I arrive with a coupon in hand every time. Sometimes the car needs special attention. What I've learned in going there is they don't hold the fact that you are the Coupon King against you--if it's 10 bucks for an oil change and tire rotation, the techs operate as if you're a full-paying customer. Mike and Alex are friendly, and when the work goes beyond routine maintenance, they haven't failed in diagnosing the problem, communicating promptly, and then fixing it quickly and for a reasonable price. I compare their prices with 2 local shops each time my car needs work and they win each time; the quality of work is no worse for the price. Give them a shot. 

"Came in for a free alignment check since my car has been pulling to the right. I watched them perform the alignment on their machine and within 15 minutes they handed me a printout showing exactly what was out of alignment. It took them another 15 minutes to correct the alignment and I was on my way. I would recommend this shop to anyone and I will be bringing my mom's car in for work.
- Mitch - Phoenix - Arizona 

As a single female taking my car in has always been a difficult task that I dread. The other unnamed auto repair shop I was currently going to never fixed my cv boots correctly on my car and after returning a second time they could not get it right. I got a coupon through valupac one day and decided to take it there get oil change done and their opinion. I was greeted promptly by Mike and treated with respect through my ordeal. Scary situation to deal with my car and mechanics.Last yr they got me all fixed up with fuel issues I was having and I was able to get it to pass emmisions!!Today I took my car in and saved a pet from the street while I had Mike on the phone asking him if good time to bring in for oil change. Mike and Troy when I got there would not charge me for the oil change since they said I was a hero for the day. They also offer me a ride home whenever my car stays later. All the workers there are great and Mike and Troy are TRUE GENTLEMEN!!!!!!!! Hard to find good customer service these day. Thanks guys and will be back in couple months for more work:)
- Barbara - Scottsdale - Arizona

This is the only auto shop I will ever take my car to again. I found the owner to be extremely helpful, but most of all honest!! As a single woman I encourage all of you to bring your car there if you are having any problems because they will tell you the truth, something that I haven't found anywhere else!! A+ for service and cost!
- smderbyuble - Phoenix - Arizona
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